Lunch from 12pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Dinner from 6pm Tuesday - Sunday

18/19 Eastlake Parade, Kingston
Canberra ACT 2604

(02) 6295 0112

Are you good for groups?

We’re perfect! Groups over 8 are placed on either our Standard Banquet ($60/head) or Deluxe Banquet ($90/head). People who have dietary requirements will receive a substitute for every dish they cannot eat otherwise (we’re really good at dietary requirements).

Credit cards are taken with group bookings. If you cancel within 48 hours of your reservation, a $20/person fee applies.

Are you BYO?

We’re not. We do have an awesome wine list, though! Check it out here.

Can you bring pets?

You’re welcome (and encouraged!) to bring your friendly pets if you book an outside table.

Is it true you have a "secret vegan menu”??

Don’t. Tell. Anyone.

Is your food halal?

We have lots of vegetarian and seafood options, and some of our meat is often halal.

Do you have food suitable for children?

We do not have a seperate kids menu, but we’ve got lots of suitable dishes for them. BBQ pork buns and our old school fried rice are always a hit.

Where is the best place to park?

It is recommended to park as close to the intersection of Eastlake Parade and Trevillian Quay as possible. Your best bet will be finding a park in the big Glassworks carpark, between Eastlake Parade and Brodburger.